Peak into my World

When I graduated from college and decided to pursue my graduate degree, I didn’t know how my life would toss and turn after reaching some professional success. Regardless of which path I would end up taking, I knew that I wanted a life-long partner and family to share in my success.

A few years past and then I reconnected with a friend from high school. Little did I know that he would eventually end up becoming my husband and we've been together 20+ years. Not only did God give me a husband, he blessed me with 2 children who are now teenagers and flourishing in their own way.

Along my personal paths, I have traveled the world and like to enjoy life to the fullest. I love wine and especially Napa Valley wineries in California. In addition to traveling and spending time with my family, I turned my hobby of capturing moments on video into a YouTube channel called Faylene’s World. It’s a fun outlet for me to share tips and lessons to other working moms, wine lovers, luxury lovers and anyone who wants to peak into my personal world.

My life hasn’t been perfect, but I am blessed beyond measure even though I am known to be a "Risk Taker", but I have “No Regrets”.

Passion for my Family...Wine...Travel

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